Top 10 Best Tips and Tricks for Valorant Mobile Players

Valorant Mobile is one of the most awaited FPS shooter game for mobile users. The final version of the game is under development.

However, if you’re lucky then you may get beta access to the game early. In some countries, Riot Games is giving Valorant Mobile early access to players as beta testing for the game.


In this article, you will find the top 10 best tips and tricks to help you become a Valorant Mobile pro.

#1 Practice Your Aim

Like other shooter games, Valorant Mobile players also need to have a good aim for shooting. Aiming is an important part of any first-person shooter game. Having good aim will help to win more gunfights easily which will overall stand for your winning a match.

valorant mobile practice range

Practice aim mechanics in the game’s shooting range to improve your aim and practice different aiming mechanics.

Start your aim practice for Valorant Mobile from today and stay ahead of other players.

#2 Learn the Maps

Each map of Valorant Mobile is unique and needs a unique playstyle for every map. Understanding the layout of the maps, positions, off angles is helpful to win matches in Valorant Mobile.

valorant mobile maps

Currently, Valorant Mobile has the following maps:

  • Ascent
  • Fracture
  • Haven
  • Icebox
  • Lotus
  • Pearl
  • Split
  • Bind
  • Breeze

Exploring each map, learning callouts of different map sports, and understanding the angles will give you an advantage during ranked matches.

#3 Play as a Team

Valorant mobile is a complete team-based game. Playing as a team is important to win more matches. Voice chat with your teammates, call out enemy positions, and use abilities together to secure round wins.

Also, make sure that you keep friendly communication between your teammates. It creates a good wave among your teammates, and a good mindset equals an easy win.

#4 Use Abilities Rightly

Each agent in Valorant Mobile has its unique abilities. Players can use those abilities to stop enemies rush, gather information, blind enemies, etc. Learn max to max 1 to 2 different agents with the abilities properly and pop off in your games.

valorant mobile omen ascent

You can practice any Controller agent first, which is always useful for your team. Secondly, you can learn any Sentinel agent and its setups for every map.

#5 Manage Your Economy

Valorant Mobile has an in-game economy section. That means you will get more in-game round credits upon winning rounds and fewer credits if you lose rounds. The economy system in Valorant Mobile is important to buy different weapons in every round to fight against enemy weapons.

Whenever your whole team can’t afford a full buy of a rifle, full armor, and abilities, try to save in that round. In this way, you will have proper buy in the next upcoming rounds.

#6 Check Radar/Minimap

You will have a minimap section which is also known as radar in the upper left corner. Keep an eye on the radar when you’re not actively waiting to take a gunfight or while rotating between bomb sites.

This will inform you about enemy positions, teammates’ positions, what abilities they can use, how they can go for execute in a round etc.

#7 Practice Game Mechanics

Valorant Mobile has unique game mechanics for players. Valorant Mobile the spike plant and defuse system. Learn how mechanics work in the game and use them to your team’s advantage.

For example, if you are playing Sova and have your Ultimate online then try to use it for post-plant situations. Little improvements make a great difference over a longer period.

#8 Use Cover during Fights

Don’t stay open during gun fights. You can find different cover spots on different map positions. Use them as cover to safeguard your agent while taking fights.

Also, try to take group gunfights and give cover fire when your teammates are fighting alone.

Players also commit to unfavorable gunfights when it is not needed. So Please avoid unnecessary gunfights.

#9 Understand Different Agents

Valorant has different agent roles. Understand Different Agent roles are helpful to predict the gameplay by enemy players. Every agent has a role in Valorant Mobile. Like, duelist agents don’t have any traps.

Killjoy Alarm Bot Ascent Mid

So, learn every type of agent role in firing range so that you can predict the gameplan of the enemy team by looking at their agent draft.

#10 Keep Practicing

After all, it’s an FPS shooting game that needs good aim by players. So keep practicing every day to make your gameplay better in Valorant Mobile.

The more you practice the better your play in ranked matches in Valorant Mobile.


These tips and tricks can help you to win more matches in Valorant Mobile and become a better player. Practice, communication, and teamwork are the key points to success in the game. Keep playing, keep learning, and always have fun!