FNC Boaster explains HOW to be a TOP IGL in VALORANT and HOW he Becomes ONE

If you’re looking for How to IGL properly in Valorant Mobile? where is a good place to start? the this article may help you.

Check out FNC Boaster explains How to be a Top IGL in VALORANT and HOW he Becomes a good one.


As per FNC Boaster,

Number one you steal starts, watch teams’ gameplay like Fnatic, FPS, DRX, and loudly Loud. You watch their games and you see what they’re doing you copy their stuff and then you understand what’s actually going on in the stuff okay that’s one thing steal.

Because when you know how to steal stuff you’ll eventually know how to improve stuff too and that’s the thing that’s all you have to do is that so you need to make sure you’re watching vods every day pretty much.

Watch the OG documentary one or two for today. Watching the OG documentary to give you some inspiration here and there against the odds this corner against the odds or watch High Q as well.

That’s a good anime if you don’t watch that it’s a good one to uh become a better teammate, in the beginning, I feel like you modeled a lot of like what you want to be after glaive Seb and notell yeah no just seven because no doubt was quite like has a similar personality too I feel like and then.

Next, There’s just leadership stuff. So you remember you’re the leader of your team emotions and empathy is what you need you need to understand what your teammates are going through and understand how you can pull them out of it like you need to kind of bring them back to reality and stuff.

And keep everyone’s atmosphere and emotions in check during the game and that’s the hardest thing because if you’re not having a good game how do you keep your own emotions in the game and Ithink it’s just practice so Iwasn’t good at it at the start but I think I’m okay now I’m a bit more chillI don’t mind losing just

The last thing is there are protocols they’re Sunni so you can understand maps and I protocol what I mean by that is if something happens what do you do that is something that I remember dazed in CS used to say of how he used to make his go teams good on defense was if something happens on a map what’s your reaction to it and you have to practice those reactions and find the best reactions so there we go that’s like the short term of becoming an IGL I guess.

That’s all from the side of Fnatic Baoster.